The Apostolic Nunciature in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the Diplomatic Mission of the Holy See in  Bosnia and Herzegovina, equivalent to an Embassy. It is located at Pehlivanuša 9, Sarajevo. The Apostolic Nuncio represents the Holy Father to the Catholic Church in Bosnia and Herzegovina and to the Government of the Country. His role is equivalent to an Ambassador. He has both ecclesiastical and diplomatic functions. The ecclesiastical role of an Apostolic Nuncio is to make firm and effective the bonds of unity which exist between the Pope and the local Church. The diplomatic role of an Apostolic Nuncio is to promote and foster relationships between the Apostolic See and the State and to address issues concerning relations between local Church and the State.

Holy See established bilateral relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. The first Apostolic Nuncio in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Archbishop (now Cardinal) Francesco Monterisi (1993-1998). Other former Nuncios are: Archbishop Giuseppe Leanza (1999-2003), Archbishop (now Cardinal) Santos Abril y Castelló (2003-2005) and Archbishop Alessandro D'Errico (2005-2012). The current Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia and Herzegovina is Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto.