On Friday, May 15th 2015., the accreditation of media representatives that are to cover pope Francis's visit to Bosnia and Hercegovina that is scheduled for June 6th 2015., has finished.

The deadline for accreditation will not be prolonged because of the necessary security checks, and preparations for the media coverage of pope Francis's visit, reported the Press service of the Presidency of BiH on May 18th, pointing out that the event, with high security measures, will be possible to cover only by accredited representatives of media houses.

All the media houses that sent the application forms for accreditation and gained feedback that the application forms were complete will be informed in time of the program of the visit, the way of getting their accreditations, details of the press centre, technical conditions, the putting up of necessary equipment for realisation of specific demands written in the application form, security limitations, schedules of arriving at the location, the way of taking the direct broadcast, etc., said the Press release of Presidency of BiH that will inform the media houses in time.  

Everybody is asked to respect the schedule and security limitations, and the Press office thanks for the cooperation, as well as for great respond and interest for the coverage of pope Francis's visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina.