Invitation of the bishops of the Bishops Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina to meet with Pope Francis in Sarajevo


Gathered at the 63rd regular meeting, on March 20th 2015. in Mostar, we the bishops of Bosnia and Herzegovina manifest our joy and gratitude to God for Pope Francis recognized the need of the Church and of the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the encouragement and incentive to, with the power of faith, courageously face all, surely, no light but not insurmountable difficulties and challenges.
In the 20 years after the war a just peace and true reconciliation, social justice and security are not, unfortunately, achieved but remained only a wish of people of good will. Many citizens of our country believe less and less that the justice and coexistence in this country are still possible. And that, in the interest of all, can not and must not remain so, because that would mean that in this country rich with gifts of God, there would be for no one needed and necessary conditions for a peaceful and normal human life.
It's obvious that without an authentic renewal of the human spirit there can be no true economic progress or social justice.
Pope Francis in the two years of his pontificate showed his closeness and understanding with those at risk of hopelessness. We believe that his messages can be an effective encouragement for the very necessary spiritual, but also every other renewal of our society and that it will help us understand and accept the fact that we are all, as human beings and believers, responsible for building a peaceful and happy future of all believers, of all citizens and the people of this country.
We bishops have always warned that injustice and war does not solve but aggravate the difficulties and misunderstandings among people and nations. We warned of the fact that the still valid Dayton peace agreement does not provide the necessary conditions for lasting peace and prosperity of our country. For this, great responsibility is borne by all those who have imposed it as well as those who carried it out partially or not at all. However, it is also evident that without mutual respect and sincere cooperation of local representatives in the government and all the people in this country, there can not be true progress and prosperity for its people and nations.
We therefore urge all Catholics and people of good will in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as those in neighboring countries, especially in the Republic of Croatia, to prayer and spiritual preparation for this precious encounter with Pope Francis, leader of the apostolic assembly, indisputable moral authority today. With open heart and mind full of Christian hope we invite the bishops, priests, monks, nuns and believers to meet and pray with Pope Francis in Sarajevo on Saturday, June 6th 2015. This is an excellent opportunity for the manifestation first of all of one's trust in the providence of God, but also in prayer needs of our country and the great intentions of today's world and also an expression of solidarity with those who suffer because of this country's still unhealed wounds of the recent war.



Mostar, March 20 th 2015.

Vinko cardinal Puljić
Archbishop metropolit of Vrhbosna

Msgr. Franjo Komarica
Banja Luka's bishop and the president of BK BiH

Msgr. Ratko Perić
Bishop of Mostar –Duvno diocese and the administrator of Trebinje-Mrkan

Msgr. Tomo Vukšić
Military bishop

Msgr. Pero Sudar
Auxiliary bishop of Vrhbosna

Msgr. Marko Semren
Auxiliary bishop of Banja Luka