All believers who wish to participate in the mass celebration with pope Francis on June 6th 2015., at the Koševo stadium, need to report to their parish office, and the parish priest will then report their parishioners to the Office for application and registration of the believers in Sarajevo (Catechist office of the Vrhbosna archdiocese) not later than Monday, May 11th 2015. Parish priests are asked to, in accordance to their possibilities, submit name, surname and phone number of the group leader and bus driver. The mentioned office should also sign up all the priests and others who wish to participate in the mass at the Koševo stadium.
The application can be send also by the groups of pilgrims from various Church institutions. But the registration through travel agencies is not possible. Although the organizers will try and ensure  that as much as possible believers attend the stadium mass, including the area of the lawn and running track, there is a possibility that all the people will not fit within the stadium. Therefor in front of the stadium big screens will be placed, and pope Francis will while driving in pope mobile, greet these believers as well.
The advantage of being on the stadium will have the believers who register earlier. For all further questions it is necessary to contact the Office.

Office for application and registration of the belivers in Sarajevo (Catechist office of the Vrhbosne archdiocese):
Josipa Stadlera 5; BiH – 71000 Sarajevo
Tel/faks: ++ 387.33.238.837; e-mail:
Head of this Office and the Comission is rev. dr.Tomislav Mlakić