On Tuesday, April 14th 2015. in the premises of Priest's home of Vrhbosna archdiocese in Sarajevo (street Josipa Stadlera 11) with the beginning at 1 PM a press conference will be organised regarding program of visitation of Pope Francis to Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 6th 2015. in Sarajevo.

The program of Pope Francis's visit will be presented by the representatives of: Apostolic Nunciature (apostolic Nuncio mons. Luigi Pezzuto), state's Organising committee for welcoming of Pope Francis (vice president Ms. Borjana Krišto, first deputy of  House of representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, or secretary of the Board Ms. Tonka Krešić, counsellor of member of the presidency of BiH from the Croatian people) and the representative of the Church's Organising committee (president cardinal Vinko Puljić, Archbishop metropolit of Vrhbosna ).

At the conference, special website for Pope Francis's visit, will be presented.

All further information are available at telephone number: 033 66 68 65. (kta)