Member of Croatian Salesian province of st. Ivan Bosco rev. Vitomir Zečević wrote and put to music a song to the Holy Father, pope Francis for his visitation to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 6th 2015.: „You come to us as a pilgrim of peace“. The song was recorded in May in „Sky Road Music Studio Varaždin“ by songwriter Antonio Tkalec with the accompaniment of Zovik band.

„After the announcement of the Pope's arrival to Bosnia and Herzegovina, I got the inspiration to write a song and put music to it. Currently I work at the Croatian Catholic mission in German city of Nurnberg, but I come from parish Zovik near Brčko in Bosnian Posavina and I love my homeland. That is why I decided to dedicate a song to our Bosnia and Pope's visitation“, said rev. Vitomir pointing out that he wrote the song in April, but he did not save it to the computer so it disappeared.

„Few days after I started with the implementation of the other song, and I wrote the music straight away. I offered the song to the spiritual songwriter Antonio Tkalec who accepted it gladly. Antonio arranged it in his music studio in Varaždin, and Zovik band sang the accompanying voices“, explained rev. Vitomir pointing out that Zovik band so far released six albums.

Zovik band exists since 1992., and it brings together various singers and musicians from Zovik and beyond. Last CD published was named „Our Lady of Zovik“ dedicated to Blessed Virgin Mary. A new CD is being prepared and should be published in August 2015. dedicated to Bosnia, named: „My Bosnia homeland“. „Antonio Tkalec is a great musician. He is a music professional. He sings, plays, composes and arranges songs. So far he published three CDs, performed in numerous spiritual festivals and held numerous concerts in BiH, Slovenia, Croatia and Germany“, said rev Vitomir while expressing joy because the members of the Church board for the preparation of Pope Francis's visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina accepted this song and he expressed his wish that this song is performed at the stadium Koševo before the Mass celebration.

You come to us as a pilgrim of peace

Your arrival is our gratest mercy,
We are faithful to the Christ since seventh century.
The whole Vrhbosna has a smiley face,
You acclaim to us Holy Father: peace be with you.

Let the bells ring from our bell towers,
And greet you God's regent.
Delighted Bosnia awaits you always,
Welcome Francis among us Croats.

We bring joy in our hearts,
Bless the people, family and home.
Every word of yours touches our soul,
You come to us as a pilgrim of peace.

Podmilačje and Kondžilo are our  shrines,
We love this country and our hearths.
Let God's love spreads among us,
Christ's real faith is witnessed and loved.

"You come to us as a pilgrim of peace"