The collection of accreditations for the coverage of the visit of the Vatican Sovereign Pope Francis to Bosnia and Herzegovina on 6 June 2015 is:

- on Thursday 4 June 2015 from 12,00 to 19,00

- on Friday 5 June 2015 from 09,00 to 14,00

Location : Press Centre in Zetra (Ice Hall)

On Friday will be announced the location for the collection of accreditations for those who arrive to Sarajevo on Friday after 14,00


During the collection of your accreditation, you are obliged to show the same identification document as the one you stated in the accreditation application form, and personally sign the collection of the accreditation.

In case of loss or theft of the accreditation, you are obliged to report it immediately to the Police authorities (MUP) of the Sarajevo Canton (122) or the Operational Action Headquarters (+ 387 (0)33 779 118).