Dear brothers and sisters,
In just a few days I will travel to Sarajevo to be among you. This thought gives me joy and I wish to send my most cordial greetings to all of you who live in this city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
With God’s help I come to you to confirm Catholics in their faith, to support ecumenical and interreligious dialogue and above all to encourage the peaceful coexistence of everyone in your country. I ask you to join me and pray that this journey will bring the desired fruits for the Christian community and for the whole of society.
“Peace be with you”. This is the motto of my visit. These are the words with which the risen Jesus greeted his disciples when he appeared in their midst in the room where the Last Supper took place, on Easter evening. It is He, the Lord, our strength and our hope who gives us His peace, so that we will receive it in our hearts and spread it with joy and love.
For my part, I am preparing to visit you as afraternal messenger of peace, to express to all – to all!– myrespect and my friendship. I want to proclaim to every person, to every family, to every community the mercy, the gentleness and the love of God.
Dear brothers and sisters of Bosnia and Herzegovina, I assure all of you of my affection and my closeness to you in spirit. I encourage Catholics to be near your fellow citizens and to bearfaithful witness to God’s love,contributing to a society that moves towards peace and common life based on mutual collaboration.
I long to meet you, and I begthe Lord’s blessing and the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary for Sarajevo and for the whole country. Thank you and may we meet soon! 


Video message of Pope Francis, which is downloadable without subtitles or with embedded subtitles in Croatian, can be used freely in the media purposes.

Video message of Pope Francis in Italian

Video message of Pope Francis in Italian with subtitles in Croatian