My name is Darko Majstorović, I am a Physical Education teacher and I am 24 years old. In the next few minutes I will share with you my life story and the experience of faith in the life of one young Catholic in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The surroundings where I grew up were set in a way that everyone else was speaking, imposing their opinions, and with a speed of light these people were spreading prejudices through the country.  Somehow confused, but committed to achieve my goals, I started with an adventure, and not only my adventure, in a search for my own perspective that was lost in heap. Terms „us“ and „them“ I have never really understood.  For me, the only people who existed were US, despite we are different, yet united in a daily life and by the ground we are walking on.

Seeking for peace, advocating for peace and enjoying all benefits of it were my only wishes. I have never dreamt I will achieve this in a multicultural city like Sarajevo. I continued my education in Pale, a suburb town belonging to the entity of Republika Srpska, but at the same time I continued to live in Sarajevo. Caution and fear of revealing my Croat-Catholic identity to my Orthodox colleagues disappeared immediately. I was feeling accepted because we had a common goal and that was education. God's will helped me to find out about the EMAUS, the Catholic Youth organization. It did not take too long before I joined activities in this Organization, and later The Youth Center John Paul the Second. I felt peace at the first sight I was talking about, the peace I have been looking for so long.  Coexistence through respecting diversity I have experienced in this Centre was priceless and with one move it erased a huge wave of past that almost submerged me.

Growing in faith, helping the others, asking for their needs, are the values volunteering in this Centre has taught me. An empty walk in my life did not exist anymore because I have found strength at the only right path, and that path is truth and life, in Jesus Christ. More than ever I am aware that me , as an individual, I have been invited to sow the seed of peace  and to show all youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina changes are possible – it is important  to turn our head toward the right direction, where  everything is  possible, with a goodwill and wish.

I am Darko Majstorović, the same Darko from the beginning and today I am a president of Emaus. Holy Father, with this story I wanted to give a testimony of my life in this country. My wish is, that your visit, this meeting and words you will direct to us, will become encouragement so we do not have fears of challenges and diversity, to take care of others as we would take care of ourselves, because tolerance and conciliation are the only safe tickets for better tomorrow.