Holy father,

Blessing, honour and opportunity to address my message to you I got as a member of the Serb Orthodox Church, as a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina and as a coordinator in working with the youth through the project „Let's pace together“, at Saint Basil's Cathedral in East Sarajevo and the Youth Center John Paul the second.

Living in Bosnia and herzegovina, in this multiethnic and multiconfesional country, I am aware of high responsibility toward  my Christian background, today's people and future generations. Because of this, with a pure heart, I accept the tasks in order to contribute in building a unity and peace among the people. Work and fullfillment of the tasks represent a very important upgrade of my life and they give a full meaning to my living.

Our project „Let's pace together“ gathers young Christians from Bosnia and Herzegovina, members of the two confessions, Orthodox and Catholic. Beside the fact we live together, side by side, we started to work together, too. Our goal is to meet each other through our work, but also to recognize the differences and with appreciation and tolerance accept our differences. I am confident, that by doing this, we contribute in overcoming prejudices toward each other, but also I believe we contribute in building, keeping and preserving peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a bright wish.

„Let's pace together“ is not just a project, though. By pacing together, we, young open-heearted people, affirm ourselves that diversity is the key of richness of the people who live in this country. Leaded by a common Christians values and our commitments, we work very hard to be an exymple to the youth in our country, but also abrod.

Leaded by Christians values and reliance in Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy spirit, we are pacing together with a sincere prayer dedicated to our God, the timeless love, thankful to the love we receive selflessly every day. So, let's be worthy of this God's love and share it to everyone, with a pure heart.

Frankly, I hope that after this encounter, we, Youth, with you our dear Pope, the leader of the Catholic Church, will share , with a full commitment, that peace is the imperativ in order to keep pure souls and love to rule between us. And let's hope love and peace will stay among us forever.