Holy Father, on behalf of all youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina and our friends from the neighbourhood countries, I am sending you warm greetings here at the Archdiocese Centre for the Youth Pastoral „John Paul II“. I will do that with the words of psalmist: Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Thank you for coming and encouraging us to live in peace because life is a commonweal that can succeed only in peace and affirm solidarity with Catholics and members of other confessions and beliefs, especially with youth who are the spring of the Church, the spring of our homeland and our future.

Holy Father, you have talked on your meetings with the youth about joy that rises from the faith and that encourages us to confess and testify the faith. We have recieved life and faith as God's gifts and because of this we ought to give away those gifts selflessly to others. Everything we have received from God are commonweals and they multiply when they are given to others.

In a year of dedicated life, you encourage commited persons to proclaim God's love lively and gladly among the people in a way to practically follow Jesus Christ. Let the faces of youth be a manifest of values that connect all of us into one united community.

The youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighborhood countries have been specially preparing for this joyful meeting. April and May were dedicated to additional prepartions with the help of cathecesis (1. Commited to God; 2. Peace and reconciliation; 3. Interreligious dialogue; 4. Youth for the future). As a close preparation they had a prayer last night here in Sarajevo, and tomorrow they will participate in holy Masses of Thanksgiving for this meeting.

With a prayer, song, dance and practical behaviour the youth gathered here will confirm their dedication to peace, closeness and better future. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a cultural and religious meeting point: there are different Christians confessions, religions and beliefs meeting in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Your visit is very important for peace and future. Peace proccess right now is in progress, and it has not been completed yet. Young people want to contribute and the Catholic Church wants to help them on that path.

Thank you, Holy Father, for your closeness, support and words your are going to address!